15 Best Blogs To Follow About Real Estate

Here are 15 popular real estate blogs that you may find helpful to follow:

  1. BiggerPockets Blog: Offers a wealth of information and resources for real estate investors, covering topics such as rental properties, financing, and market analysis.
  2. Zillow Porchlight: Provides insights into buying, selling, and renting homes, as well as market trends and expert advice.
  3. Inman: A comprehensive source for real estate news, industry trends, and market analysis.
  4. Realtor.com Blog: Offers tips and advice for homebuyers, sellers, and homeowners, along with market trends and insights.

  5. Redfin Blog: Covers a range of real estate topics, including buying and selling homes, home improvement, and market news.
  6. Trulia Blog: Provides practical tips for homebuyers and sellers, neighborhood guides, and market trends.
  7. Curbed: Focuses on urban living, architecture, and real estate trends in various cities across the United States.
  8. ActiveRain: A community-driven real estate blog with contributions from real estate professionals sharing insights, tips, and advice.
  9. The Balance: Covers various aspects of real estate, including investing, buying and selling homes, mortgages, and personal finance.
  10. Mashvisor Blog: Offers real estate market analysis, investment strategies, and tips for real estate investors.
  11. Rentometer Blog: Focuses on rental market trends, landlord tips, and investment property analysis.
  12. Roofstock Blog: Provides insights into real estate investing, rental property management, and market trends.
  13. Investopedia Real Estate: Offers educational articles and guides on real estate investing, analysis, and market trends.
  14. The Real Estate Guys Radio Show: While not a blog, this podcast covers a wide range of real estate investing topics and features expert interviews.
  15. FortuneBuilders Blog: Provides real estate investing tips, strategies, and educational content for both beginners and experienced investors.

Remember to always evaluate the credibility and relevance of the information provided in these blogs, as well as consider local market conditions and seek professional advice when needed.


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